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How to Flash and Install Stock ROM/Firmware on Samsung Galaxy Y Duos

Posted by Andy Wijaya Senin, 17 Desember 2012 4 komentar
Many of my friends were asking for tutorial to get back to stock Rom ,so Here’s the procedure on how to manually install the stock ROM (firmware) on Samsung Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102 for all of them.
Flashing stock ROMs is useful in downgrading or upgrading to any available firmware versions you desired. This has been also useful for unbricking purposes for a bricked, reverting back to original stock or if you needed your device warranty back.
This guide is a bit risky for beginners and can only be used by advance users who already had an experience on how to tweak android devices firmware.
Now, this procedure is no joke and should be taken seriously for it might results to damage your phone if some mistakes might happen. i’m talking about firmware flashing here, one false move or any interruption will take your device into serious situation that is not too easy to recover.Your phone is not a toy for us, but it is your personal property, you are the only one who can decide on what to do about it.
i’m not be held responsible if anything happens to your device by following this guide. Proceed at your own risk!
Needed files and tools
Stock Rom Download From XDA .
Flash Program: Odin 1.85+Pit or Odin 1.87
Driver – You need to install Kies or get the driver of your phone if you have no Kies previously installed.
USB cable – use the supplied USB cable of your Galaxy Y. (Odin will not work Mac and Linux OS).
PC or laptop – running on Windows xp or later OS.
Your Phone – Samsung Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102
Preparation before Flashing
Back-up all of your important data stored in the phone like contacts, messages and etc. Flashing will wipe and delete all of it.
Ensure that your phone is fully charge or above 80% charge. (If your phone had an auto-shutdown history, and its too old, use a newer or good working battery.
Remove the SIM card and the external memory card. (not necessarily but recommended to avoid any certain issues)
Hard Reset – We often do hard reset before flashing to clean the memory cache of the phone. Master reset code *2767*3855# .
How to Flash with Multiples files with Pit, Bootloader, PDA, PHONE/MODEM and CSC file
This is full flashing and useful for unbricking for it has a full packaged with individual file allocations, this type of files we often used to fix a bricked Samsung Android devices. Some firmware updates have like this one and some are came into just a single file packaged.
Click on each button and load the appropiate file unto it.
Pit Button – select and load the torino_1205.pit
u need only 3 file
PDA button – look for the file with the letters PDA or CODE on it,
like PDA_S6102XXXXX.tar.md5 (also .tar support)
PHONE button- look with the word MODEM file,
like MODEM_S6102XXXXX.tar.md5 (also .tar support)
CSC button – associated also with letters CSC or Multi_CSC,
like GT-S6102OXXXXX.tar.md5 (also .tar support)
There are three checkboxes on the left side of ODIN, the Re-Partition, Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time.
The Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time are often always checked in flashing while the Re-Partition will only be checked if you want to fix the memory partition of the phone, now if you’ll only want to upgrade or downgrade DO NOT CHECK THE REPARTITION.
DO NOT CHECK RE-PARTITION – Safety for Upgrade and Downgrade
Full Flashing with RE-PARTITION enabled – Advisable only for fixing Soft bricked devices
How to Flash with Only Single file?
Setting up the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos into Download Mode and Connecting to PC.
You need to set the device into download mode in order to let Odin recognize it. To set into download mode
Turn OFF the phone, then hold and press the three buttons Volume Down + Home + Power Key simultaneously. If you’ll still not get into download mode, remove the battery a couple of seconds then put it back again and then press the download mode button combination again.
Check WHITE-CZ’s video tutorial on the boot mode selection hints!
  1.  power off Your SGY Duos
  2.   wait 30 sec
  3.   Press Vol Down, Home, and Power at the same time
  4.   When (about 5 sec) Warning screen appears, release Volume Down and Power, then (a bit later) Home
  5.   press Vol Up (You’ll get Odin mode screen)

Put Your 3 File (PDA ,Modem ,CSC) File in Odin
  1. Browse the 3 tar files to odin PDA=PDA_xxxx.tar, PHONE=MODEM_ or PHONE_xxxxx.tar, CSC=CSC_xxxxx.tar
  2. no PIT and/or BOOT files required – leave it empty!
  3.  leave all other fields and checkboxes default!
  4. connect your phone, You must see yellow 0:[COMxx] in the first ID:COM and “Added” in the message box
Start Flashing
Hit the “Start” Button when all are set perfectly to begin flashing.
  1.   Start flashing by the START button.
  2.   flashing will start immediately, see the progress in the message box, and progress bar on the phone
  3.   Wait 1-3 minutes, until green PASS! in the upper left
  4.   SGY Duos will reboot, leave it as is for 2-5 minutes until startup finishes

CAUTION: Avoid touching the phone while the flashing already started, any interruption will result into serious issues like soft-brick or hard-brick.
Let the flashing completes, a progress bar displays until the firmware downloading process finishes. It only takes around 3 to 5 minutes, depends of your PC speed.
When a word “PASS” appears, it means that the flashing is successful. The phone will then reboot and after completely rebooted it is then safe to remove it from computer’s connection.
 If it stuck (eg boot anim loop) then:
1 .Start the phone in Recovery mode by:
- remove battery
- resinsert battery, wait 30 sec
- press Vol Up, Home, Power at the same time
- when Galaxy Y Duos logo appears, release the Power button
- when Recovery menu appears, release the Home button first, then finally Vol Up
2. select wipe data/factory reset (Vol UP/Down + Home)
3.select reboot system now
Do a hard reset again by the code *2767*3855# or in recovery mode hold and press Volume UP+Home+Power key. Navigate to the Wipe Data cache/Factory Reset.
Some other tweaks:
1) To check your recent firmware info *#1234#
2) CSC configuration – IMEI number check [*#06#]
3) *#272*[IMEInumber]#
4) Choose sales code
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Sir i have sgy s gt 6102 when i install 4.4 kitkat but i cant do it then my phone is not start galaxy logo what i do please help me

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